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Cambodia’s Prey Lang forest: Youth campaigns to prevent the destruction of this ecological treasure

Cambodia’s Prey Lang forest: Youth campaigns to prevent the destruction of this ecological treasure

Known as a national treasure of Cambodia, the Prey Lang forest in Preah Vihear province serves as the main source of livelihoods for indigenous people and is an indispensable part of the country’s forest ecosystem. In the last few years, the forest has come under destruction from logging and large-scale plantations. Youth campaigns are supporting the local communities, who depend on the forest, in an ongoing struggle to protect the forest areas from being completely wiped away.

A young Singaporean’s journey of self-discovery in Isaan

A Singaporean city dweller travels to the Thai countryside to learn more about sustainable food production and local farming knowledge. Sing Yee, a recent university graduate, shares insights from her stay, amidst conversations on farming, food, politics and development with other ASEAN youths and the host community.

Planned Ywarthit mega-dam on Salween River threatens Karenni communities

The Ywarthit Dam in Karenni State, Myanmar is a huge hydropower project planned for the Salween River. To date communities living nearby have not been consulted, and there is little attention by the media or wider public. Ko Thaike highlights the social and environmental impacts of the project, and says it’s time we talked about it.

Change by decrees: Youth seeks answers as economic changes engulf Thailand’s border towns

Born in a small orchard farming village in Chiang Khong along the Mekong River, Somchai Kuwatthanasakun is now studying in Chiang Rai city. Monticha talks to him about his new urban lifestyle, his childhood along the Mekong River, and how he’s trying to deal with the huge changes rapidly engulfing his family and his rural home.

The Lower Sesan 2 in Cambodia: Local communities ask, “Who will benefit?”

Local communities are asserting their rights to decide on their development over the Sesan 2 dam being planned in Cambodia. They ask why they have to deal with the dam’s impacts such as resettlement and loss of fisheries while the project will not bring them any benefits, not even the electricity it will produce.