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Diverting the Mekong River into Thailand: The Khong-Loei-Chi-Mun project

Diverting the Mekong River into Thailand: The Khong-Loei-Chi-Mun project

The Khong-Loei-Chi-Mun project is the latest version of a long history of plans for large-scale irrigation in Northeastern Thailand. Visiting the area, Mai Lan hears how Thailand’s Royal Irrigation Department is pushing ahead with studies, as communities, NGOs, and downstream countries worry about the environmental and social impacts.

Planned Ywarthit mega-dam on Salween River threatens Karenni communities

The Ywarthit Dam in Karenni State, Myanmar is a huge hydropower project planned for the Salween River. To date communities living nearby have not been consulted, and there is little attention by the media or wider public. Ko Thaike highlights the social and environmental impacts of the project, and says it’s time we talked about it.

Vietnam’s urbanization and agricultural land acquisition: State and farmers lose, who wins?

In Vietnam, the “Land for Infrastructure” policy attracts private investment into public infrastructure by promising land for private investment. At the Ecopark project near Hanoi, whilst the project’s developer has profited handsomely, farmers’ land was taken with inadequate compensation leaving them with few prospects for the future.

As Dawei “initial phase” 65% complete, locals left in the dark

The Dawei Special Economic Zone is a controversial industrial area proposed in Taninthayri Region, Myanmar. Visiting Dawei, Mai Lan finds that despite “initial construction” activities now claimed by the developer as 65% complete, many local people remain in the dark about the project, and the impact it could have.