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Pursuit of economic wealth is coming at the cost of health

Pursuit of economic wealth is coming at the cost of health

Is the economic development model by design sacrificing the health – both body and mind –for “economic growth”? We posit that structural changes in the Mekong region – often due to government economic development policies from agriculture to urban work patterns – creating conditions for ill health.

Cambodia’s ecotourism plans: A journey into uncharted waters

In Cambodia, ecotourism is growing with the noble goal of protecting the environment, giving tourists a feel for nature, and sharing benefits with rural communities. Whether ecotourism is wholly achieving these intentions remains an open question, as this article explores one such ecotourism venture, the “4 Rivers Floating Lodge”.

Fishers at Chong Kneas village, Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia.

Development and the Mekong Commons

In the Mekong Region, after decades of governments, donors, corporations, experts and others pursuing development, winners and losers have emerged. In this first “Commons Comment” editorial, we discuss the changing lives in the Mekong Region, new development trends, impacts on the commons, and why Mekong Commons was initiated.