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A young Singaporean’s journey of self-discovery in Isaan

A young Singaporean’s journey of self-discovery in Isaan

A Singaporean city dweller travels to the Thai countryside to learn more about sustainable food production and local farming knowledge. Sing Yee, a recent university graduate, shares insights from her stay, amidst conversations on farming, food, politics and development with other ASEAN youths and the host community.

Organic rice in Northeastern Thailand: Improving farmers’ livelihoods and the environment

Farmers in Surin Province, Thailand are turning to organic agriculture after struggling with debt, health issues and soil degradation from past chemical-intensive farming. Organic rice, integrated farming and farmer cooperatives are becoming popular to improve livelihoods, recover ecosystems and soil, and increase climate resilience.

Tibetan plateau

Protecting the culture and identity of herders on the Tibetan Plateau

The herding communities in the Tibetan Plateau face many struggles to protect their grasslands and herding livestock that together form an integral part of their culture, identity and livelihoods. Mkha Be recollects her childhood experiences in rural Tibet and explains the changes and challenges facing the herding communities.

The Mekong delta floating market in Can Tho province, Vietnam.

Youth in the Mekong Delta voice concerns about climate change

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta faces serious problems from climate change as it will exacerbate existing ecological problems including water pollution, salinity intrusion and biodiversity. A group of young people living in the Delta remind us of the area’s food and fish productivity, its importance for people both in Vietnam and globally, and the urgent need to find solutions to climate change.

Nakorn teaches urban farming.

Inspiring the urban farming movement in Bangkok

The urban farming movement in Thailand has grown rapidly over the past five years. In this article, we interview Nakorn Limpacuptathavon, a young and committed urban farmer who has been a central figure in the movement. He talks about the “City Farm Project” and the urban transformation it is catalyzing.