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Cambodia’s women fishers concerned about Don Sahong Dam

Cambodia’s women fishers concerned about Don Sahong Dam

Women fishers in Kratie Province, Cambodia are concerned about plans for the Don Sahong Dam upstream in Laos. They worry that the river’s fisheries and the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin will be affected. Working with civil society groups, they have raised their voice through a campaign that has involved both protest and radio shows.

Change by decrees: Youth seeks answers as economic changes engulf Thailand’s border towns

Born in a small orchard farming village in Chiang Khong along the Mekong River, Somchai Kuwatthanasakun is now studying in Chiang Rai city. Monticha talks to him about his new urban lifestyle, his childhood along the Mekong River, and how he’s trying to deal with the huge changes rapidly engulfing his family and his rural home.

Commons are telling: People’s folktales and legends on their environment

Folktales, legends, and traditional stories that local community members tell represent their experiences and views with the environment. They play an important role when the community utilizes and sustains natural commons such as water, fisheries, forests, minerals, and land, and are in fact themselves valuable and irreplaceable commons.

Villagers in Northeast Thailand’s long fight against oil drilling

Despite strong local protests, Thailand’s military government is going ahead with oil drilling in Kalasin province in northeast Thailand. As the regime breaks its promise of a just energy policy, once again local people are paying for the real costs of the country’s ambitious energy plans.