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Dr. Peera Bunjong

Holistic health care in the Mekong region

Holistic health care in the Mekong region

Ensuring good health and access to health care especially for the poor is a key concern in the Mekong Region. Dr. Peera Bunjong in Thailand explains the need for holistic and preventative health care based on also using herbal medicine. He says a change in behaviour and attitudes can help holistic healthcare to succeed.

The road to Mulberries Silk Farm leads to thriving social enterprise.

Women’s traditional knowledge in Lao social enterprise

A silk farm established by Ms. Kommaly Chanthavong in Lao PDR has helped reintroduce the traditional knowledge of silk weaving to her hometown. Tipakson Manpati describes her visit to the farm and explains how it combines social enterprise as a practical model of alternate development with promoting environmental awareness.

ASEAN People's Forum 2014 in Yangoon.

Integration for whom: The ASEAN Economic Community

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), to be launched in 2015, aims to create a single market and production base. Dorothy Guerrero examines whether this advances socio-economic development in the ASEAN region, or results in damage to people’s general well-being, human rights and environmental security.