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More dams, less fish and fishers: A Mekong Delta fisher voices concern

More dams, less fish and fishers: A Mekong Delta fisher voices concern

One of the greatest impacts of dam construction in the Mekong Basin is on inland fisheries and the livelihoods of small-scale fishers. A fisher in the Mekong Delta talks about the plight of inland fishing livelihoods in An Phu district, An Giang province in Vietnam.

As drought affects Cambodia’s rice farmers, can building more small-scale reservoirs help?

Since 2016, farmers in Cambodia’s Battambang province have been facing severe drought that has resulted in decline in rice production, deaths of livestock, and loss of livelihoods. The author explores whether building more reservoirs is a solution to help farmers cope with the impact of droughts that are recurring with increasing frequency in Cambodia and the Mekong Region.

Facing the reality of hydropower

In recent decades the Mekong region has witnessed a rapid development of large-scale hydropower projects in the name of energy security, economic growth and sustainable development. Yet do these justifications outweigh the social and environmental costs, and are these justifications even genuine?

Amidst the drought, diversifying farming systems can protect food security in Cambodia

Climate change especially drought are threatening the rice production and fishery in Cambodia. Sao Phal Niseiy explains that farmers and fishers can cope through efforts at raising awareness, promoting capacity building and diversified farming systems to ensure food security.

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Study misses key impacts from upstream dams

The Mekong Delta Study initiated by Government of Vietnam (2013-2015) aimed to look at the impacts of Mekong mainstream hydropower on Vietnam’s Mekong Delta that is the rice and fruit production centre for Vietnam. But the weak study process ignored local people’s concerns and has failed to protect the Mekong Delta and its communities.

Indigenous people in northeast Cambodia fight to protect their cultures and lands against the Lower Sesan 2 dam

For the indigenous peoples of Cambodia, land and forests are a living link to the spirits of their ancestors and nature. Ethnic Punong, Tampuan, Kreung, Brao and Laos communities are fighting against the Lower Sesan 2 dam in northeastern Cambodia that threatens their culture, livelihoods and food security.