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Lower Sesan 2: Construction resumed, troubles restarted

Lower Sesan 2: Construction resumed, troubles restarted

The controversial 400 MW Lower Sesan 2 dam in Northeastern Cambodia resumed construction in March 2015, after being suspended in late 2014 due to community and NGO opposition. In this article, Mai Lan meets the communities whose lives are disrupted, and discusses with local civil society the consequences of the project.

Neak Ta Krahom Kor: Guardian spirit of the Se San River

When their calls for participation in Lower Se San II Dam planning processes fall on deaf ears, community members turn to traditional justice, calling upon their ancestral spirit Neak Ta Krahom Kor to protect them from forced relocation. Does Neak Ta Krahom Kor possess the strength to guard the community from this latest threat?

Boat on the Sesan River, Cambodia

High costs of Cambodia’s Lower Sesan 2 hydropower dams

The Lower Sesan 2 hydropower dam in Cambodia will affect tens of thousands of people if built. This article shows how lessons have not been learned from past upstream dam construction in Vietnam, and the project will mainly reap profits for the dam developers, rather that result in “poverty reduction”.